Our idea is to trade multiple systems and divide the capital, or allocate capital to trading different systems.
Capital is divided into,
1) Directional system (Buy only system, or Buy and sell both). This is done using our proprietary directional model.
2) Non-Directional, limited risk model, using custom, options Iron Fly technique that involves multi leg and adjustments. Or Calendar Ratio spreads.
Market displays different conditions during different times, such as low volatile when economy looks good or market is volatile whenever there is uncertainity around in world economy. Different techniques mentioned above are traded depending on the different condition of market.

A] Directional Model:
This is a medium risk high reward model. We use 25-30% max capital and trade Nifty or BankNifty directionally. It is based on our proprietary directional model which tracks power players in the market. Essentially it tries to identify the positions of powerful players who can significantly impact the market direction.
B] Non-Directional model / Neutral strategies:
This involves in trading Iron Fly, using Options. This is mostly traded in BankNifty, and occasionally in Nifty options. Iron Fly positions are taken only on a specific day and time. and exited as soon as required target is reached. Adjustments to position is done using a special multi leg strategy.
We will also occasionally trade Calendar Ratio spread, which is a semi directional and semi non-directional model. This is a high rewarding and consistent return strategy. However, cannot be traded during very low volatility or Implied Volatility.