The wall

“For investors looking at 8-10% returns at moderate risk”
a. 50% allocation to debt
b. 50% allocation to Hybrid Funds

Mahi Way

“For investors looking at 10-13% returns at moderately high risk”
a. 15% allocation to gold via SIP
b. 25% allocation to Hybrid Funds via SIP
c. 30% allocation to Large & Midcap Fund via SIP
d. 25% allocation to Thematic Fund via SIP
E. 5% allocation in unlisted equity


“For investors looking at 13%+ returns at high risk”
a. 30% allocation to direct equity
b. 40% allocation to mid and smallcap fund via SIP
c. 10% allocation to gold via SIP
d. 20% allocation to unlisted equity

No Gyan only samadhan

“Endeavour is to generate 1% non guaranteed cashflow per month on invested amount along with capital appreciation”